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Project Description

Holysmoke! managed the PR campaign for the debut launch of PLONK, a web based series following the trials and tribulations of a feckless TV crew as they travel through NSW trying to produce a unique, engaging and credible wine program. Working closely with PLONK Creator and Director Nathan Earl and Destination NSW, we were responsible for driving a 3-pronged awareness program that engaged tune in to the YouTube channel securing over $1.5 million in PR Value in over 200 placements across TV, radio, print & online.

One of the key campaign and production objectives was to engage a non-typical audience and remove the pretentiousness that is often associated with wine. This was done so by non-traditional news/ culture placements and targeting new media in the same way traditional press was pitched as well as leveraging interviews and unique content created by the shows main cast Chris Taylor, Nathan Earl and Joshua Tyler.

We secured key media coverage with reputable food and wine publications such as Gourmet Traveller Wine, Wine Companion and Eat Drink Play, key daily publications such as Sun Herald, Australian Financial Review and Canberra Times. Also we achieved coverage with key influencing outlets such as Pedestrian, Escape Lounge and Mumbrella as well as respected wine writers Windsor Dobbin, Huon Hooke and an 8 minute TV segment on The Project on Network 10 during prime time. Additionally by using exclusive content such as the second trailer release on Pedestrian Facebook we secured 1075 shares across their active users, which translated into an instant spike in traffic on the PLONK YouTube channel.

As of mid April 2015 www.youtube.com/roadtoplonk views exceed 330 000 for PLONK Series One.

Project Details

  • Campaign Client:One Stone Pictures
  • Campaign Duration:Dec 2013 to May 2014
  • Website:https://www.youtube.com/user/roadtoplonk
  • Date:April 13, 2015
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