Webseries PLONK Season Two


Project Description

Holysmoke! Agency was again engaged in 2015 to manage stakeholders and media for the second season of webseries PLONK. Partners included Screen Australia, the South Australian Tourism Commission, the South Australian Film Commission, iTV Australia, Stan and Wine Selectors.

This campaign involved coordinating targeted pitches across print, radio, online and television, with a high focus on Stan, Channel Nine and YouTube messaging.

Holysmoke! collaborated with SATC, SAFC and Stan to drive tune in stories, with iTV managing all industry press opportunities. The aim for all stakeholders was to increase the quality of the story to further establish the PLONK brand and raise the profile of One Stone Pictures.

Holysmoke! worked alongside SATC to manage the guest list, launch event and media famil which overall generated 54 articles and posts across print, radio, online and social with a combined reach of over 2,660,799.

Since the launch of Season One on YouTube and Channel 11, PLONK has achieved significant media exposure with year-on-year growth. Over the period of the Season Two campaign 411 pieces of coverage were secured. Holysmoke! Agency doubled the amount of articles secured in Season One coverage, which saw a total of 179 articles secured.

Project Details

  • Campaign Client:One Stone Pictures
  • Campaign Duration:
  • Website:https://www.youtube.com/roadtoplonk
  • Date:October 10, 2015
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