Harbour Rocks Hotel Refurbishment

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Project Description

After a multi million dollar refurbishment the Harbour Rocks Hotel emerged as the new corporate destination for the traveller seeking a ‘home away from home’ accommodation destination. Holysmoke! was invited to re-launch the new hotel interior as well as redefine the venue market position in the travel sector. We created a strategic media & PR campaign based around a high profile launch event to celebrate the transformation of this heritage listed boutique hotel.

Holysmoke! created, managed and executed an exclusive and sophisticated launch that included a guest list of 130 of Sydney’s finest VIPs, key media and corporate heavyweights. Hosted by television presenter Richard Wilkins, this multi layered event gave guests an opportunity to experience the different areas of the newly refurbished hotel.

The experience began upon entry to the new lobby as guests were greeted by the exquisite sounds from the Sydney Symphony Quartet. Champagne was then served in the courtyard while acclaimed harpist Victor Valdes serenaded guests before a hotel tour culminated in the penthouse final performance. Singer David Campbell then enticed guests to the terrace to enjoy the breathtaking views from the Harbour View Suite.

The launch event PR campaign resulted in over 100 media placements including Channel 10 TV News story, national feature in Escape in Daily Telegraph, Travel & Indulgence in the Australian and Traveller in SMH as well as design articles, food and beverage reviews for Scarlett Restaurant and a profile piece on owner Robert Magid in BRW.

Project Details

  • Campaign Client:TMG Developments
  • Campaign Duration:Dec 2011 to June 2012
  • Website:http://www.harbourrocks.com.au
  • Date:March 10, 2015
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