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Project Description

Back in 2007 Steven Marks approached Amanda Fry (who at the time was working on PR for a rock band Steven represented!) to come up with a creative way to launch his new Mexican restaurant Guzman y Gomez (GyG). As a New Yorker Steven had an authentic street cuisine concept and needed to educate the Australian market that GyG was not Tex Mex but the real food of the people of the Central American country.

We rose to the challenge and started researching all things taqueria. What we found was that Mexico was best known for having the highest per capita production of daytime soap opera’s in the world. What better way to tell the GyG story through a tele-novela. Our idea was to record a daily Mexican radio show called Muérdeme (loosely translated to bite me in Spanish) based on the famous start crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet using the House of Guzman and House of Gomez as our central families. The staff at GyG were all Mexican so we enlisted them to each play a character and sent Muérdeme  in 2 minute episodes to media for the 7 days prior to the first Newtown store opening. Muérdeme was fresh, different and an instant hit with media. This original & creative idea secured national coverage with over 45 placements in outlets like TODAY, ABC 702, MixFM, SMH, Weekend Australian, Courier papers, The Sunday Magazine, Australian Gourmet Traveller, Glebe News and showed that GyG was unlike any other Mexican take away Australia had ever seen.

We launched the new Mexican restaurant brand GyG with a creative PR campaign that involved not only announcing new concept was here but also educating consumers and media on real street taqueria food.

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  • Date:December 03, 2012
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