Every brand has a story.

We find creative, innovative, engaging and often daring ways to get our clients narrative into the right editorial and social channels. Public relations is the art of storytelling, inspiring media to report and finding an audience occurs by producing relevant and sharable content to bring the brand story to life.

The key is to make it appear simple.


Thought Leaders

Innovative ideas that get results.

Holysmoke! develops strategic PR led campaigns in Australia and New Zealand. With established and trusted media as well as industry relationships we work with influencers, tastemakers and social architects to cut through the crowded media landscape.

We keep our clients ahead of the competition.



Being connected is the new 'oxygen'.

The social media revolution has changed how we communicate so at Holysmoke! we take a multi faceted approach - networking, engaging influencers, creating media champions, inspiring 'grammers, being creative with ambassadors and finding entertaining ways to attract taste-makers.

Who you know is not enough now it's about who knows you.


Change Makers

PR is about affecting change in perception.

As Roy Lichtenstein so aptly stated “Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself". Current pop culture embraces thought provoking content and earned media is still the most genuine and authentic way a consumer can hear or be part of your story.

We work with brands that are change-makers.

Holysmoke! conceives and produces PR as well as social content that gets attention

We take a bespoke approach to our clients communications needs assembling the right team for each campaign. In addition to our Holysmoke! wranglers our network extends to creative filmmakers, script writers, actors as well as journalists, copyrighters and event producers. From an eye catching media release to a social play, our job is to get you into media your market trusts, social communities your customers are part of and connect emotionally with your target audience to make them want to investigate and connect back with you.

The strength of our agency is the combination of the people that comprise it. Holysmoke! manages communication accounts in Australia and New Zealand by a team that brings global experience having managed PR campaigns in North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, United Kingdom and Europe.


Creative Campaigns

Holysmoke! specialises in consumer PR campaigns in Australia and New Zealand.

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